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Alternative Investments

Access to Opportunity

Our mission is to provide our valued clients with innovative investment strategies, appropriate for their goals and proportionate to their appetite for risk. 

As the volatility of the stock market increases, it can be difficult to know where to best put your money. Because of this, alternative investments are playing an increasingly important role in client portfolios as investors seek new, differentiated opportunities that may provide the potential for high returns uncorrelated to the traditional equity and fixed income markets.

Recognizing this, we assist both novice and sophisticated investors alike to better understand the alternative investment opportunities available and help educate investors on these alternative opportunities that may help them grow their assets while further diversifying their investment portfolio.

What Are Alternative Investments?

An alternative investment is an investment product that can compliment traditional investments such as stocks, bonds or cash. They are investments that provide unique risk and return properties not found easily in traditional stock or bond investments.

Some of the more common alternative investments strategies that we currently offer are:

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
  • Clean Technology Investments
  • Managed Futures
  • Equity-linked notes
  • Venture Capital
  • Equipment Leasing Programs
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Oil & Gas Programs
  • Tax Credit Programs
  • Real Estate LLC’s
  • Mortgage Funds
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • 1033 Exchanges

Most alternative investments aren’t open to everyone and involve special risks.

Some alternative investments are available only to accredited investors. Most have minimum income and/or net worth requirements.

Contact us so we can provide you with specific information about the alternative investment you are interested in.