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EAGLE Wealth Management Group, LLC

Gain from an independent perspective.

EAGLE Wealth Management Group, LLC is an independently owned financial consulting firm with a dedication to personalized service to our clients. Our independence allows us to uphold our fiduciary responsibility when serving your investment needs.

Our purpose: To enrich the lives of our clients by overseeing and coordinating their financial affairs so they can achieve their unique vision of the American Dream.

Whether you are just starting to save for your future, or are a seasoned investor, EAGLE Wealth Management Group, LLC has the financial management experience to direct you towards reaching your objectives. Our clientele includes individuals, doctors and business owners with investments ranging from $100,000 and up.

We also offer financial and investment services through Concorde Investment Services, LLC. to business owners and their employees. Many of the accounts we hold are taxable, but several are tax-deferred or exempt (profit-sharing & pension plans, IRAs, etc.)

As a client of EAGLE Wealth Management Group, LLC, you will benefit from our independent perspective by receiving individualized advice, impeccable service, and diversified financial resources. In short, we will serve your individual needs to help you achieve your vision of the American Dream.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

Risk tolerance is an investor's general ability to withstand risk inherent in investing. The risk tolerance questionnaire is designed to determine your risk tolerance and is judged based on three factors: time horizon, long-term goals and expectations, and short-term risk attitudes. The adviser uses their own experience and subjective evaluation of your answers to help determine your risk tolerance.

There is no guarantee that the risk assessment questionnaire will accurately assess your tolerance to risk. In addition, although the advisor may have directly or indirectly used the results of this questionnaire to determine a suggested asset allocation, there is no guarantee that the asset mix appropriately reflects your ability to withstand investment risk.

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